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I started with Enhanced Fitness in October, 2018.

In the space of seven months, following Edmonds instruction, I have changed my approach to sleep, water intake, blue screen time, nutrition (both what I eat and how I eat it), rest/recovery days, stretching, daily life goals, and of course, my approach to fitness. I’m nearly 40 and work long hours in a hospital so scheduling and training hours can get tough.

Edmond is extremely thorough in his individualized approach to my goals, and writes my programming around my work schedule so I can train as hard and as safely as possible. Every month I have another meeting with Edmond to discuss where I feel strengths or weaknesses in life, health and nutrition. Edmond is constantly inquiring on what else he can do to help me achieve my goals.

He’s given breathing technique classes, he is standing by when I have questions or need guidance in my lifts, he films different lifts I struggle with to show me what I’m doing well and where I need to improve, and he writes training specific to me and my fitness level. Every month my fitness level changes and Edmond reworks my programming to keep my gym time fun while testing my abilities and helping me discover how capable I really am.

Edmond is very patient with teaching, very supportive when I struggle, and very strict when we both know I’m capable of more. Since training with Enhanced Fitness I have PRd EVERY lift we have been working on. I am stronger now then when I was 20. I look forward to where this road leads… joining Enhanced Fitness was a game changer for me. I recommend Enhanced Fitness for anyone, any age, any fitness level, any weight, whatever the goal may be…

Laura Mary

He is a great lifestyle coach

Edmond always takes his time explaining movements in a way that makes you feel confident and ready to go. He is more than just a trainer, he is a great lifestyle coach that knows how to improve people’s way of life and athleticism

Jenne Duben

If you're looking for results from a personalized training program Enhanced Fitness is the right fit for you!

I’ve been working with Edmond since October 2018 and all I’ve seen is results. I told him my focus was to pass a fire academy and gain upper body strength and he did his research and came up with a plan for that. Since October I’ve seen my aerobic capacity increase and my upper body strength gains increase dramatically. My bench press went from 140 to 160 in a matter of 8 months. My strict pullups and pushups have increased. All the upper body work is paying off and I’m seeing results. He’s an amazing coach because he doesn’t compare you to other athletes and programs specifically for your body and needs. He’s patient and motivating and always knows when you can do more. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Amanda Brown

Edmonds ability to work with any schedule and still give a killer workout

Been working with EF for a bit now and Edmonds ability to work with any schedule and still give a killer workout that produces visible results! Definitely would recommend working with EF if your looking for a personalized workout routine that will be tailored to more than just your workout style but also to your long term goals, lifestyle, gym access, etc. etc.

Jake Williams

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