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    Fill out a simple, 3-minute contact form

    Just take a small step and get this contact form filled out. This will allow us to give you the personalized attention you deserve (and won’t get from big, corporate gyms).

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    Email Notification

    You’ll be sent an introductory email telling you more about us, our process, why we do what we do, and what you can expect from us. You’ll also receive my intake form and a request for a 3-day food log.

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    Get started! Schedule your free consultation

    It’s time you and I meet! On this consultation, we’re gonna discuss everything you’ve filled out in your form and food log. I’ll reveal some basic lifestyle guidelines, how I can help you achieve your goals, and the next steps to get that healthy body you deserve!

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    Fill out a contact form.

    During your free consultation, I get to know you and we discuss everything you’ve filled out in your form and food log. I’ll educate you on the basic lifestyle guidelines I want you to follow and the reasons why. We’ll discuss how I can help you achieve your goals and whether you’re willing to commit to my long term approach. If you’re ready to commit, you’ll sign a waiver and contract then we’ll start our journey.

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    Movement assessment - Now you’re in the game! But before we start...

    The movement assessment will determine our starting point and help me to create the plan that will lead you to success.

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    We will review your results and break them down for you so that you understand where you are now and my plan for us going forward.

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    The Process

    This is where the work gets done. You will receive your programming each Sunday along with your weekly reflections. We will refocus and revisit goals each month during monthly consultations.

Take Pride in the Process